Meet the 2016-17 Officers

Zoe Olson, Co-President (

Zoe is a senior at the University of Oregon who spends her time building elegant visual tools for a large business. Aside from designing user friendly applications, she is passionate about increasing tech literacy amongst women and her fellow students. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, cooking, and running.


profile-photo-adjustedKathryn Lovett, Co-President (

Kathryn is a fifth year CIS/Japanese/International Studies triple major. She was born and raised in Portland, OR. She enjoys hiking, watching movies, cooking, and reading. She hopes to graduate in 2017 and begin working as a software engineer in the Pacific Northwest.

Fiona Hebb, Vice President (

Fiona is a third year Computer Science major. She was born in Oak Harbor, WA and spent her formative years in Crete, Greece. She is a Mentor Resident Assistant in University Housing and spends much of her time putting on community events, and working with residents. If she’s not doing her job or homework, Fiona is reading comics and playing music with friends. She hopes to graduate in 2018 and start working in computer security.


alison-profile-photoAlison Legge, Treasurer (

Alison Legge is a third year Computer Science and Applied Math major. She comes from the wonderful, mythical land of Vancouver, BC. When she is not doing homework, you can find her playing hockey, skiing, or managing Kappa Delta’s finances. Upon graduation, Alison will continue her education and get a Master’s of Health Informatics.

Elizabeth Anajovich, Webmaster elizabeth-profile-photo(

Elizabeth is a third year Computer Science major, minoring in Computer Technology and English. She was born and raised in hipster Portland, OR. When not working on homework or working, she can be found watching Marvel movies, doing yoga, or sleeping. She plans to graduate in spring of 2018.

liz-profile-photo-1Elizabeth Olson, Recruitment Chair (

Liz Olson is a senior computer science major. She has done robotics research on driverless cars and drones. Her plans for after graduation are to apply to graduate school. Liz also enjoys running, swimming, basketball, and painting.


Vinitha Gadiraju, Secretary (

Vinitha is a third year Computer Science major with a minor in Psychology. She was born in Santa Rosa, CA but grew up in Portland, OR. Other than programming, she enjoys playing the violin and obsessively watching the Food Network. After graduation in 2018, she hopes to start her Master’s degree in Computer Science.


fb_img_1453355883662-1Molly Steelhammer, ACM-W Chair (

Molly is a senior Computer Science student. She was Born and raised in beautiful Bend, OR and is a third generation duck. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, spending time with family, baking, and dancing (rather poorly). After graduating in spring of 2017, Molly will start working as a software developer.


Rishika Krishna, Social Media Chair


Rishika is a junior at the University of Oregon majoring in Computer & Information Science with a minor in Biology. She was born in India, moved to Idaho in the second grade, and has been living in Portland, OR since 2005! Like Lisa Simpson, Rishika’s interests include music, science, justice, animals, shapes, and feelings.

2015-16 Officers

  • Molly Steelhammer, President
  • Alison Legge,VP, Treasurer
  • Meghan Kerr, Social Media Chair

2014-15 Officers

  • Elizabeth Olsen,Co-President, Secretary
  • Kirsten Dawes, Co-President, Treasurer
  • Katie Lillard, Project Hatch Chair
  • Danny Walinsky, Chief of Social Media

2013-14 Officers

  • Anna Gladstone, President
  • Emily Schwarz, Vice President
  • Lily Moch, Chief Secretary
  • Heidi Niu, Chief Treasurer
  • Holly Brice, Chief of Social Media

2012-13 Officers

  • Emily Schwarz, President
  • Hannah Pruse, Vice President
  • Christina Watkins, Chief Secretary Fall, Winter Terms
  • Lily Moch, Chief Secretary Spring Term
  • Elizabeth Fuller, Chief Treasurer
  • David Ross, Chief of Social Media
  • Holly Brice, Deputy of Twitter Spring Term
  • Lara Letaw, Chief Webmaster

2011-12 Officers

  • Lara Letaw, President
  • Christina Watkins, Chief Secretary
  • Vasha Dutell, Chief Seminar Coordinator
  • Emily Schwarz, Chief of Social Media
  • Hannah Pruse, Chief of Publicity
  • Adam Bates, Chief Schmoozer